PhoneFrame is a wooden frame made of goldplex, plywood with a hardwood look.
The frame is designed in such a way that almost any type of smartphone or tablet can be mounted behind it, making it a digital frame that can display information or photos from all kinds of sources.

The frame supports devices up to 14 mm thick, which covers most devices.
Maximum dimensions of the device that you can mount behind the frame is 317 mm x 217 mm.

On the device that you have mounted behind the frame, you can use our web app, which simply works from the browser, the standard slideshow functions of Android or ios, or a third party app.

Some examples of functions that our web app offers:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Countdown Timers
  • Wheater
  • News
  • Pictures from an urlen url
  • Stock market
  • Agenda
  • Sticky note
  • Photos from Flickrr
  • And even more in the future

Tips: The Android app "PhotoCloud Frame Slideshow" offers many possibilities to make slideshows from photos in the cloud.
At you can also have a slideshow of your favorite instagram user or hashtag played.

How can i setup or operate the PhoneFrame web app?

The PhoneFrame web app consists of two parts, the dash and the remote.
The dash is the dashboard that is displayed on PhoneFrame and with the remote (remote control) you can set which information should be displayed.

  • Take the device that you want to place behind the PhoneFrame and load
  • Take another device with a webbrowser (smartphone, tablet, pc, laptop etc..), go to or click the remote the button here
  • Fill out the unique code that is displayed on the dash
  • Click the wake lock button to prevent the screen of the device from turning off
  • Click the fullscreen button on the dash

You can watch the following video to see how to setup modules.

Video: Setting up the MirrorDash / PhoneFrame web app

Does the web app work on my smartphone or tablet?

The web app works on almost all devices with an internet browser.
Perhaps your device is a little bit too old, so some functions do not work optimally.
We therefore recommend before purchasing PhoneFrame, thoroughly test the web app or the other apps on the device you intend to use.

If you have an Android device it is best to install the latest version of Microsoft Edge and if you have an iOS (iPhone / iPad) device you can just use Safari.