Baby CountDown

Baby CountDown is unique digital clock, made from GoldPlex, with extra functions for you when you are pregnant.
The clock can be provided with an original ultrasound photo (size 10 x 7 cm (3.93 x 2.75 inches)) and shows, in addition to date and time, how long you have been pregnant, how long you still have and when your are due.

Update: From now on, when you have given birth, you can set the birthdate of your baby, so that the clock can display the age of your baby in weeks + days and months + weeks.

In addition to Dutch, Baby CountDown can also display the texts in English. The date and time format remains the same.

If you have given birth and you no longer need the CountDown or age functions of the clock, you can turn it off so that only the date and time is displayed.

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